1. Elements of Economic Epistemology (Professor Ion POHOAȚĂ, PhD)
2. Research methodology (Professor, Dumitru ZAIȚ, PhD)
3. Methods for quantitative analysis (Professor, Elisabeta JABA, PhD; Professor, Laura ASANDULUI, PhD)
4. Academic Writing and Publishing (Professor, Adriana ZAIȚ, PhD; Professor Alexandru ȚUGUI, PhD; Associate Professor, Oana MACARI, PhD; Associate Professor, Bogdan CĂPRARU, PhD; Assistant Professor, Ioana Alexandra HORODNIC, PhD; Aurelian PLOPEANU, PhD)
5. Qualitative methods and data analysis (Course Coordinator – Adriana ZAIȚ, PhD; Seminar Coordinator – Iuliana Claudia BOBÂLCĂ, PhD )

ANNEX R2 – The individual doctoral research plan (IDRP)

ANNEX R4 – Guide of the PhD Thesis

Guidelines for Students Submitting their PhD Applications

PhD Students:


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