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PhDs – Şcoala Doctorală de Economie şi Administrarea Afacerilor



1. Elements of Economic Epistemology (Professor Ion POHOAȚĂ, PhD)
2. Research methodology (Professor, Dumitru ZAIȚ, PhD)
3. Methods for quantitative analysis (Professor, Elisabeta JABA, PhD; Professor, Laura ASANDULUI, PhD)
4. Academic Writing and Publishing (Professor, Adriana ZAIȚ, PhD; Professor Alexandru ȚUGUI, PhD; Associate Professor, Oana MACARI, PhD; Associate Professor, Bogdan CĂPRARU, PhD; Assistant Professor, Ioana Alexandra HORODNIC, PhD; Aurelian PLOPEANU, PhD)
5. Qualitative methods and data analysis (Course Coordinator – Adriana ZAIȚ, PhD; Seminar Coordinator – Iuliana Claudia BOBÂLCĂ, PhD )

ANNEX R2 – The individual doctoral research plan (IDRP)

ANNEX R4 – Guide of the PhD Thesis

Guidelines for Students Submitting their PhD Applications

PhD Students:


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