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Requirements – Şcoala Doctorală de Economie şi Administrarea Afacerilor


for admission of international students to undergraduate and postgraduate studies
in the academic year 2016-2017

General Conditions for Candidates  

Graduates holding a Master Degree (or equivalent) may apply to their study area or to a connected area. .

PhD School Council establishes the correspondence of study areas. The applications of candidates holding BA or MA Degrees in other study areas than the areas chosen for their PhD, will be approved by CSUD or by the management of IOSUD.

Each candidate will apply for one vacant place in the study area of the PhD School. Successful candidates can be financed from the state budget once for PhD studies.

2016 Admission


Research proposal includes the following:

Introduction – background  and research aim, required knowledge, scientific or/ and economic use;

  1. PhD proposal  – topic, research questions/main topic, current literature review;
  2. Objectives – aim, expected results and contribution to the development  of  study area;
  3. Methodology – methods and strategies, interdisciplinary aspects, etc.;
  4. References;
  5. Previous research.

INTERVIEW (50%): exam questions will be formulated by study area, from the list of topics and will be submitted by PhD advisers/team of PhD advisers.

Admission calendar for 2016- 2017 academic year:

  • Applications: 5 – 9 September/ 23 September (only for international students)
  • Selection of candidates: 12 – 14 September;
  • Communication of results: 15 September
  • Exam appeals: 19 septembrie

Required Application Documents

  • application form  containing the name of the PhD adviser and his/her approval;
  • curriculum vitae;
  • list of publications (if applicable);
  • language certificate of foreign language competence issued by the Faculty of Letters of the „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iaşi, obtained before the admission exam, at least two years prior the exam,  except for graduates holding a double-degree (one foreign language) from an accredited faculty or holders of DALF, TOEFL or other internationally recognized certificates;
  • certified copy of birth certificate;
  • copy of identification card;
  • certified copy of marriage/name change certificate, if applicable;
  • certified copy of Baccalaureate Diploma or an equivalent;
  •  certified copy of Bachelor’s Degree  diploma and transcripts;
  • Master Degree Diploma or an equivalent and transcripts, original copy (for this year graduates, a graduation certificate and transcripts issued by the faculty  secretariats);
  • other documents  by area of study  (Law, Theology);
  • 3 photographs ID type
  • Admission fee receipt
  • THE RESEARCH PROPOSAL (print and electronic format, doc file on CD)

The Application File will include all required documents!

 Type of study, Number of Places and Fees

IOSUD-UAIC organize only full-time scientific PhD.
Admission fee: 250 Lei
100 Euro for Non-EU
Tuition fee: 500 Lei/month for Romanian&EU&SC
240 Euro/month for other countries
Defence fee: 5000 Lei for Romanian&EU&SC
1200 Euro for other countries

Number of places

Candidates will submit their applications at the office of the Doctoral School of Economics and Business Administration in Lăpuşneanu Street no. 14, et. 4, office 424

Telefphone: 0232 20 17 44, Fax: 0232 20 1778


Guidelines for Students Submitting their PhD Applications

  • Please note that the research topic will change over time and that this is only your first attempt to map out what you want to research as part of your PhD studies. You will have many opportunities to refine your research topic as a doctoral student. The focus and clarity of your topic will change as you formally enroll in your PhD studies, have discussions with your supervisors and discover yourself in a systematic and comprehensive review of the literature, including the methodology literature.

PhD Research Proposal (2-3 pages)

  1. Title of Proposed PhD Thesis Project (topic or main issue of research)

2. Brief Background and Aims for PhD (background and research motivation, knowledge, useful scientific and / or economic research; aims PhD student, expected results and the expected contribution to the development of

3. Research Design: research questions and aims, research approach (theoretical framework) and the  most appropriate research methods for achieving them – reading, reviewing, designing experiments or questionnaires, collecting data, analysis and interpretation.

4. References

5. Plan and outcomes


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